The opportunities for “Jerm Ojakh” for the residents of Vayots dzor [hy] “Ջերմ օջախ” ունենալու հնարավորությունները Վայոց ձորի բնակիչների համար
Vayots dzor, September 30, 2015.

Winter challenges seem very close: continuously increasing electricity tariffs, rising utility costs, insufficient temperature in dwellings especially when the house is not renovated or insulated. The National Mortgage Company offers an excellent solution for relieving the winter troubles- “Jerm Ojakh” social and energy efficiency housing financing program which allows low and middle income families to improve their living conditions, solve heating problems and make long run savings .
On September 29th the opportunities of “Jerm Ojakh” program have been presented to the residents of Vayots dzor region. During the community meetings held in the regional center Yeghegnadzor and Vayk town the head of credit control department of NMC Vasak Grigoryan, representatives of community and private organizations, businesses and financial institutions discussed the features of the program, its benefits and the procedure of getting loans, as well as the current implementation process and the importance of the program for the region .
The mission of “Jerm Ojakh” program is to make repair of dwellings more affordable for Armenian families, reduce energy costs and promote the development of energy-efficient housing stock in the country. “Jerm Ojakh” offers affordable dram- denominated loans for energy efficient renovations with the interest rate of 11-14% per annum, repayment term of 5-10 years and a grace period of up to two years. Upon fullfilment of specific criteria for energy efficiency, every beneficiary family has the opportunity to receive a bonus of 5 or 10 percent of the loan amount sponsored by the EU Neighborhood Investment facility. “Jerm Ojakh” loans are provided to families by partner financial institutions, many of them also having branches in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia (complete list of partners is available on website).
“”Jerm Ojakh” program has been already presented in six regions of Armenia and about 174 loans with value of 308.7 mln AMD have been provided to Armenian families within this program. This program is one of the most affordable and competitive programs in the current financial market of Armenia which allows each family to renovate its apartment, live in better conditions as well as to save the family budget by decreasing utility costs”,- said Vasak Grigoryan.
“Jerm Ojakh” program is implemented by the National Mortgage Company with the financial support of Agence Française de Dévelopement (AFD). The technical assistance of the “Jerm Ojakh” program is provided by a Consortium of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH (KPC), with participation of MicroEnergy International GmbH (MEI) and the National Social Housing Association of Armenia (ASBA) foundation and funded by EU-NIF.

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