About the program
The “Jerm Ojakh” program is about affordable and low-interest loans that will allow you to start energy efficient renovation of your house today. The renovation loans are provided and paid back in Armenian Drams with attractive conditions and opportunity to get a grant of 5% or 10% of the loan amount financed by the European Union Neighborhood Investment Facility.
You have no exchange rate risk and can take out the loan from one of our Armenian partner financial institutions.
This program has been developed in the scope of the Social and energy efficiency housing financing program. The main purpose of “Jerm Ojakh” program is to enable low and middle-income households to renovate their habitation, improve living conditions and quality of life, reduce residential energy expenses, as well as promote the development of energy-efficient housing stock in towns and villages of Armenia. “Jerm Ojakh” program is implemented by the National Mortgage Company with the financial support of Agence Française de Développement (AFD). The technical assistance component is provided by KPC GmbH/Austria/ together with MicroEnergy GmbH/ Germany/ and ASBA foundation/ Armenia/ and funded by the EU Neighborhood Investment Facility (NIF).


Our partners
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