Partner financial institutions

“Jerm Ojakh” relies on successful cooperation with highly rated partner financial institutions that work directly with end users of the loan to generate optimal financial products and bring its benefits to consumers. This program provides new opportunities to our partners for development and creates additional competitive advantage as well as expand their customer base.
Currently “Jerm Ojakh” is working with seven partner banks and six credit organizations. You can apply for the loans of “Jerm Ojakh” program at your chosen financial institution from the following list:
  • Anelik bank


  • Acba-Credit Agricole Bank


  • Ardshinbank


  • Armdevelopment bank


  • Armbusinessbank


  • Armeconombank


  • Armswissbank


  • Converse bank


  • Unibank


  • First Mortgage company UCO


  • Global Credit UCO


  • Express Credit UCO


  • Kilikia UCO


  • Kamurj UCO


Our partners
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