Case studies


These real stories show how people in your neighborhood have renovated their houses and apartments with “Jerm Ojakh” loans and benefited by ongoing savings on energy bills and better living conditions. Contact us to share your own story.

Case Study 1.

“Warm house” in own apartment


The young family lives in Nor Nork district of Yerevan in a multifamily building constructed in the 1970s. For years the family has organized the heating of their apartment by using Iranian gas stove which was able to heat only for one room of the apartment.

In summer 2014 father of the family took 2.2 mln. AMD loan under “Jerm Ojakh” program with the most affordable market conditions and has implemented a long-awaited renovation of his apartment. By installing modern windows and heating system, insulating the exterior walls of the apartment he has made a wonderful present to his family. This year the family really enjoys the “warm house” in their own apartment. By creating comfortable environment in the entire apartment, the family also gains in saving about 20% on gas and electricity bills.

To complete the picture, “Jerm Ojakh” program has a pleasant surprise for this family. For successful energy-saving renovation the program plans to return up 10% of the loan as a bonus grant.

Case Study 2.

“Warm House” in a newly built dwelling


Recently another Armenian family has moved to a new apartment in Davitashen district of Yerevan city. As the apartment is located in a newly constructed building it was delivered without internal finishing works done.

Being well informed about the loan programs in the Armenian market, the family father has chosen the “Jerm Ojakh” program that offers the best conditions for energy efficient renovation. In June 2014 he received a loan of 2.2 million AMD and started energy-efficient renovation of his apartment by insulating its walls, installing modern windows and doors. As the new apartment is on the top floor, this family has not only insulated the exterior walls but also the ceiling. Today the family members say that due to the energy-efficient renovation their apartment is much warmer than apartments on the lower floors.

The whole family is now enjoying the warmth and comfort of their house and are also going to receive 10% of the loan amount back as a bonus- grant from “Jerm Ojakh” program.


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