Frequently asked questions

  • How can I apply for a loan?

You can contact a “Jerm Ojakh” partner financial institution, get advice on credit conditions, and fill in the necessary application forms. Our partners will finalize your project documents.

  • In which marzes of Armenia are “Jerm Ojakh” loans available?

This is an Armenia- wide program*. You can contact a “Jerm Ojakh” partner financial institution in your region and apply for these loans in whole Armenia.

* Excluding the Center district of Yerevan city.

  • Which financial institutions are participating in “Jerm Ojakh”?

Currently “Jerm Ojakh” is working with 7 partner banks and 6 credit organizations. You can see the list of partner financial institutions here.

  • What are the loan conditions?

“Jerm Ojakh” provides loans through partner financial institutions. Every bank has its own internal policy for checking clients’ creditworthiness, interest rates, repayment conditions and loan values. “Jerm Ojakh” has no influence on the credit conditions offered by a partner bank.

  • Which documents are required to receive a loan under “Jerm Ojakh” program?

The list of documents needed for the loan application of this program is determined by the partner financial institutions in accordance with their requirements.

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